Art and Design

Art & Design at Courtney 

At Courtney Primary School we believe children thrive when they are able to express themselves and be creative.  Art is an important subject and is always celebrated as you will see from the amazing artwork displayed around the school. 

Children develop and improve their skills as they move through the school.  Their creativity will flourish as they experience different mediums such as paint, drawing, collage, sculpture, printing and pattern making.  Children begin each topic by admiring work artists such as Van Gogh, Matisse and even the ancient Stone Age artists that created magnificent cave paintings. 
We visit art from many different perspectives linking it to each topic we study.  From creating their own paint using rocks to grind berries as stone age people did or create patterns inspired by the music they listen to. 
This term year 3 and 4 Wow event celebrated the fantastic art created this term inspired by the northern lights. They created pictures using marbling inks to simulate the northern lights mounted them behind a carefully cut out silhouette.  They also developed and improved their drawing skills using chalk on black paper.  After a first attempt children reflected and improved their work.  During the wow event the children were then able to share their new skills with their parents and teach them how to marble and draw with chalks.

In the summer term we are looking forward to an Art Week during which the whole school will be focusing on developing their drawing and painting skills, culminating in an Art Exhibition.