Behaviour Policy September 2020

At Courtney, we create a climate in which the teachers can teach and the children can learn. We want our children to leave their time with us as thoughtful and considerate members of any community.
We revise our policy every year. In 2020-21, our new Behaviour Policy reflects the slight change in practice we have had to adopt due to the different organisation of staff and pupils due to Covid-19. 
Our culture of positive behaviour management, which includes rewards for good choices, allows each child the opportunity to reflect on their behaviour choices as part of their learning process. Each class has a Behaviour Book in which both good and poor choices are recorded, monitored and any negative patterns addressed in a timely manner.
To support the development of good learning behaviours we have regular Circle Time, class Bother Boxes, a Book of Pride and Gold and Silver stickers with a text message home.
We have developed a clear sanctions structure to allow us to be fair and consistent.
To be most effective, our Behaviour Policy needs to be a joint home-school message. We will contact you if we think you need to know about a wrong behaviour choice but do feel free to come and talk to any member of staff if you have a concern which you would like us to address.