Computing at Courtney

Computing is one of the children’s favourite subjects. We are fortunate to have a range of technology to bring the curriculum alive and inspire the children. The key aim of our Computing lessons is to develop children’s skills to enable them to flourish in the digital world that they are growing up in.

The Computing curriculum is split into 5 key strands that the children experience each year and that build on previously learnt skills and develop greater understanding.


We start each year with the topic of Online Safety to remind the children of the key messages for keeping themselves safe online. In the younger years this is linked to stranger danger progressing with the older children to digital citizenship and cyberbullying. We also have visits from our PCSOs to help the older children understand their responsibilities.
Online safety is also included in our Personal, Social and Health Education 'Jigsaw' programme of study.

The children learn about Programming. This is taught through inspiring child friendly software and apps such as Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch and Kodu and a selection of programmable robots such as Probots and Constructabots.

When learning about the Impact of Technology the children develop their understanding of a range of technological advances. They deepen their understanding of how different technology works including websites. 

A range of Media is experienced by the children. This includes combining sound, animation, word processing and finding and creating their own images.

When working on Information Handling the children learn how to use databases and spreadsheets including creating graphs or pictograms.

Digital Leaders
A group of pupil’s, known as our Digital Leaders, are responsible for helping the children to develop their skills. They survey the children to gauge their understanding of key issues, take a leading role in marking Safer Internet Day and run special extra-curricular activities to develop children’s understanding.