Envision Hub
In South Gloucestershire, schools who wish to, form part of the South Gloucestershire Learning Alliance which is a network of 70+ schools with primary-age children working together to improve outcomes for all.
The schools in the Alliance are in smaller groups of schools called 'hubs'
Courtney Primary is a member of a group of schools called the Envision Hub.
This is made up of six schools:
Broadway Infant School
Courtney Primary School
Longwell Green Primary School
New Horizons Learning Centre
Redfield Edge Primary School 
The Ridge Junior School
The Envision Hub works collaboratively to develop and improve each of the schools by sharing best practice in teaching, using each other's skills and areas of expertise to offer support and challenge.
We share a Challenge Support Partner (formerly known as a School Improvement Officer), Huw Evans, who works with us on areas we have identified needing improvement.
On top of this, we organise joint events so that our children can join together. Examples of this are a Debate, a Music and Dance Festival and a Six (Schools) Nations Rugby Tournament.
Mission Statement
The six schools in the Envision Hub are committed to:
  • improving outcomes for all children
  • building capacity
  • developing community
These outcomes will be achieved through collaboration, innovation, commitment, challenge and support, respect, openness, honesty and trust.