Personal, Social and Health Education PSHE

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Courtney

Every class in Courtney follow the Jigsaw scheme of work. Children learn about a variety of Personal, Social and Health Education themes through planned PSHE lessons which take place every term in every year group. Whilst the content and nature of the lessons develops as the children get older, the curriculum is based around 6 key themes. These themes underpin and support the understanding of the Courtney Crown Values, a set of values which are revised annually to reflect the changing needs of the children. These Values underpin the five fundamental British Values. Our school motto unites all our work under three main headings of: Nurture, Inspire, Flourish.

Jigsaw scheme of work

Every class follow the scheme of work as set out in the Jigsaw scheme of work. There are 6 Jigsaw Puzzles (half-termly units) which the whole school at the same time with each year group at its own level. The Puzzles are sequential and developmental throughout each academic year. A typical Jigsaw lesson follows the same pattern for all children: engaging with the class charter; calming activities (promoting mindfulness); learning opportunities; reflection (final opportunity for mindfulness).

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE)
At Courtney, we teach RSE through our Jigsaw Scheme of Work. Below is a copy of our RSE Policy and the Jigsaw Guide for Parents.


Every child has an assembly every day. There are two opportunities for whole school assemblies a week: Monday and Friday. These assemblies are used to promote the British and Courtney Crown Values but also to share current UK and Worldwide events e.g. Bird Watch. Every class has a Circle Time assembly where the children have opportunity to discuss any bothers or concerns with the class and their teacher. Each class has a bother box where the children can privately and safely write bothers which they would like to be discussed with their teacher.

Book of Pride

At Courtney, we pride ourselves on knowing what we feel proud about. Children are entered into the ‘Book of Pride’ for a range of reasons: excellent work and resilience in the learning pit.


We encourage the children to take an active part in raising money for their chosen charities. This is a photo taken from a charity cake sale.

School Council and House Captains

At Courtney, we encourage school leaders at all levels. Where possible, this is underpinned by the Courtney Crown Values and British Values e.g. democracy. The beginning of each academic year begins with each class voting for two school council representatives. These school councillors meet fortnightly and make decisions on many areas of school life ranging from: deciding upon a new trim trail; meeting to discuss the library; interviewing new members of the staff team. Mrs Westcott leads the school council.

The House Captain team, a group of 12 children from Year 6, lead their houses on many events through the year e.g. sports day. This group are expected to uphold the Courtney Crown Values and begin the year by developing their House Captain Contract.