Physical Education PE

Physical Education at Courtney

At Courtney, we place great importance on the development of children’s physical education and, as such, provide a range of opportunities for our pupils to engage in sporting events. We hope to nurture habits of healthy exercise, expose the children to a variety of sports so they can, hopefully, find one which will inspire them for life.

Each class has two timetabled PE lessons a week, either in the hall or outside, depending on the skill focus and the weather. For most classes, one of these sessions is led by our Sports Coach.

The PE curriculum includes a mixture of REAL PE and more traditional sports tuition.

Real PE is, first and foremost, a philosophy and approach which aims to transform how PE is taught in order to include, challenge and support EVERY child. It is a progressive essential skills scheme of work which develops the 12 fundamental skills needed to gain physical and sporting mastery across the 6 key dimensions of: Creative, Cognitive, Physical, Health & Fitness, Social & Personal. 

We also offer swimming lessons to every child in Years 4 and 5, and booster swimming sessions.

We aim to ensure that all children experience a range of competitive and non-competitive sports, developing the ability to enjoy both the physical activity and the resilience. Not only do we have a fabulous Sports Day with both races and team events (followed by a family picnic), we also hold an annual Courtney K – inspired by the Bristol 10K. This popular event involves plenty of running, water guns and powder paint throwing.  We are always amazed at just how far our youngest children can run!


As part of our provision, we give children access to a range of after school sports clubs which are free to attend and run each day. Examples of these are: the Courtney K Club; tag rugby; bike and scooter; football; and multi-skills. Most of these are led by our Sports Coach but also by our teachers.

We are a member of the Grange Partnership which gives us access to specialist training and to inter-school competitions, matches and tournaments. We currently have the PE Bronze Award and are working towards our Silver.