A security fence surrounds the main buildings and playground.

After registration the gates are locked and are not re-opened until 3 pm. During this period entry is only through the pedestrian gate in Courtney Road.

Parents wishing to access the school during the closed period should use the Courtney Road pedestrian gate leading to the main reception.

The system prevents unknown persons from accessing the children’s areas in school time and prevents young children from running out on to the road.

Our prime duty in school is to keep your children safe. It is for this reason that we do not allow adults to go through school at the start or end of the day while we have children in our care. If you need to let the teacher know something, please leave a message with the person on door duty. If you need to go to the Office, you will need to walk around the building. 

Fire Drill
A fire drill is practised each Term.

Dangerous Toys
Children are not allowed to bring knives or any dangerous toys or equipment to school. 

Movement in School
Children must walk when inside the buildings. Please be considerate when bringing pushchairs into the building, that they do not block walk ways.

Please ensure that all monies sent to school are in a sealed envelope marked with your child’s name, amount and the purpose of the money.