Courtney Curriculum

Curriculum 2016-7

We are very pleased to be able to announce that, after much discussion and consultation, we have revised our curriculum to start for this academic year. These are the main changes that we have made:

  • a reintroduction of popular topics which our children love to study
  • a stronger emphasis on food and cooking - making better use of our allotment and fruit trees
  • more use of the outdoor space
  • a wider view approach which includes multi-cultural links and awareness of Big Issues
  • a slim down of the curriculum to allow for us to focus on our children's interests
  • links to high quality texts which excite and engage the chidlren
  • a WOW event which allows parents to become involved
  • a strong thread of Crown Values and Learning to Learn skills 
Below are copies of our Curriculum Overviews. The topics are all in place but there are still one or two gaps in certain areas which  will be filled in as the year progresses.