Courtney Runs to Croatia!

27th June 2019

Thank you

Thank you again to everyone who supported the Courtney K Colour Run yesterday whether you came to the event, washed the paint splattered clothes afterwards or are helping to collect sponsorship money.  We were absolutely overwhelmed by how every single child embraced the event, by how far they ran and most importantly by how much fun they had.  It was a brilliant reminder of how amazing all our children are and how much potential they all have…


The total distance run by all staff and pupils was a staggering 1,709km which is the equivalent distance of to Split, Croatia and a little bit beyond (as the crow flies).   Astounding!  We also smashed last year's total and most children equalled or beat their distances from last year.  What resilience.


We have now had a chance to add up how far everyone ran.   It is really quite staggering.  Each class ran:                                                      

Reception                  203km                 

Year 1                        166km                       

Year 2                        247km                       

Year 3                        212km                       

Year 4                        305km                       

Year 5                        271km                       

Year 6                        294km                       


The top 3 houses who covered the most distance per pupil were:

Badgers     10.41km per pupil!!!

Deer           9.74km per pupil

Foxes         9.62km per pupil