Courtney Values

School Motto

At Courtney Primary School our school motto is:

Nurture, Inspire, Flourish.

This applies equally to every single member of our school community and fosters a sense of family and pride from every single stakeholder.

At Courtney Primary School we base our values on 6 'Crown Values'. We reinforce these at every opportunity and concentrate on each one for a term throughout the year, making that value the focus of assemblies and award certificates.


Term 1

We are resilient and proud of our efforts. 


Term 2

We are proud of our similarities and differences and understand the rights of others.


Term 3

We set ambitious targets  for ourselves within our community. 


Term  4

We take responsibility for ourselves and do the right thing even when it's difficult.


Term 5

We are assertive while still showing kindness and respect to others.


Term 6

We bravely face our challenges to help us learn and grow.