Matters of discipline are dealt with initially by the class teacher or the 'on duty' member of staff. When a situation demands it, the Headteacher / Deputy Headteacher (or next member of staff in their absence) takes responsibility for disciplinary measures.
The school follows assertive discipline guidelines whereby the children are expected to maintain a standard of behaviour, concern for others and care of property, which will make the school a happy place in which to learn and work.  They are also expected to make every effort to do their best with the work they are given and to take advantage of the educational opportunities they are offered. All members of staff follow the same policy.

When punishments are necessary, they usually take the form of the removal of privileges or the imposition of extra work.  These sanctions are made appropriate to the age of the children. Any serious problems are dealt with in consultation with the parents concerned as we feel that it is important that the children are aware that home and school are working together.  We ask all parents to complete and sign a Home/School Agreement.

In case of a serious breakdown of conduct, the Headteacher always seeks to assess the situation with parents/carers.

A copy of the school's Discipline Policy, which was written through consultations with staff, pupils, parents and governors, is available in the Office.

If your child has a problem at school
From time to time in the children's lives, events may take place that are upsetting for them. If you are able to share information about your child's personal life with us it can be extremely useful in helping us to offer understanding and support. This will always be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

If you think your child is experiencing any kind of difficulty at school, or if you have any concerns about aspects of school life, then you should talk to your child's teacher or the Headteacher first.