Plans for 2015-6

After consultation with members of staff, members of the governing body, the children and the parents/carers, we have put together Courtney's 'School Development Plan' for 2015-6.
For 2015-6  the key priorities for our school are:

Overarching Aims

1. Leadership and Management

  •   Leadership at all levels has maximum impact on outcomes

2. Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • The Mastery approach is used to deliver English and Maths
  •   Assessment 'without levels' is developed 

3. Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  •   Behaviour is excellent in all aspects of school life
  •   Safeguarding practices are robust 

4. Outcomes

  • Attainment measured by statutory tests is at least in line with national expectations
  •   All pupils make excellent progress in relation to their starting point