School Council

Courtney Primary recognises the importance of the ‘pupil voice’ involving the ‘people who count’ effectively in the development of the school.

The school has a democratically elected School Council which meets on a monthly agenda. They set the agenda, chair the meeting, type up the minutes and decide what actions then need to be taken.

In recent years the School Council has been involved in the design of the new school and grounds, introducing new items in the ‘Healthy Tuck Shop,’ introducing class pets into school and joining in with the 'Buckets of Love' campaign.

They have a great deal more planned for the future!

School Council Members

Year 1 - Jack and Kayla

Year 2 - Liam and Ella-Mae 

Year 3 - Julian and Lily

Year 4 - Stevie and Lauren

Year 5 - Dan and Elise

Year 6 - Callum and Courtni

Staff Members
Mrs Wood (Headteacher)                 
Mrs Morch  (Teaching Assistant)       
Mrs Phillips (Teaching Assistant)