Sports Premium

Primary Sports Premium 2017-8


In June 2013, the Government announced new funding for physical education (PE) and sport. This funding has been allocated to all primary schools since 1st September 2013 and is used to improve the quality and breadth of PE and sport provision. Recently the government have committed to funding the primary school Sports Premium up until 2020 , an investment worth £750 million; this has led to an increase in the annual grant for schools.

We have welcomed the commitment to improving the provision of PE and Sport in primary schools.  We are committed to using this funding to enhance our provision of high quality PE, both within and beyond the curriculum and to add to our existing resources.


In this document is set out:

Part 1: 2017-8 Primary Sports Premium Spending Plan

Part 2: Evaluation of 2016-7 Primary Sports Premium Spending Plan


Part 1: Primary Sports Premium for the 2017/18 Academic Year.

The final figures for the new level of Sports Grant have not yet been confirmed. However, we estimate it is likely to be around £17,670 to spend on providing high quality PE and Sport at Courtney Primary. This comprises £16,000 per annum lump sum and, in addition, £10 per pupil in Years 1 – 6.


Vision Statement:  Participate, Perform, Progress

PE and Sport provide our children with opportunities to develop the important qualities of self-control, determination, communication, team work and commitment. This should lead to improved concentration, attitude and achievement in all aspects of their personal development.

At Courtney Primary School, Physical Education (PE) and Sport play an integral role in making our vision statement a reality for pupils of all abilities - to help each child achieve their potential and to promote lifelong participation in exercise.

To support us in achieving this, we are using a proportion of our funding to belong to the Grange School Sports Partnership. This gives us access to subject leadership development;  opportunities for participation in inter-school competition across a range of sports; specific skills training for staff and expert coaching for our children; advice on new resources and how to promote physical activity both in and out of school. (See Grange Sports Partnership provision at the end of 2017-8 spending plan.) 


Developing PE at Courtney Primary School  

Below is listed the ways in which we intend to further develop teaching, learning, progress and achievement in PE at Courtney Primary School.


High Quality Physical Education: Raising standards of all our children in Physical Education

  • Regular specialist support from qualified PE teachers or qualified sports coaches working with primary teachers to achieve high quality teaching and learning in lessons
  • Wide range of training opportunities for staff in PE and Sport
  • High quality resources
  • Lesson observations and sharing of best practice
  • Regular fundamental skills assessment to enable tracking and monitoring of all pupils


Healthy Active Lifestyles: Ensuring all our children have access to regular exercise

  • School based intervention strategies
  • Playground Leaders
  • Two hours dedicated PE curriculum time each week
  • Extra-curricular sports clubs


Spending Plan for 2017-18




The Grange Sports Partnership


To support the development & deployment of PE & sport provision




PE leader to attend partnership network meetings x 3 @ £75


To develop subject leadership of PE Leader




PE leader to attend PE conference


To develop subject leadership of PE Leader




Specialist PE coach


To lead five after school clubs per week




PE coach training and liaison time with PE Lead

30 hours @ £15


To develop progression between PE coach and teacher-led sessions. To develop assessment system for PE coach sessions.




Sports kit


2 sets of school kit for external tournaments (17 items per kit incl. spare and staff)




Curriculum enhancement


External teacher for 36 sessions of dance for one term.




Playground equipment.


Contribution to new Trim Trail climbing equipment.




Sports equipment purchases


Refresh old equipment and extend our resources.




Remaining balance:  As we have only recently been notified of the additional funding, we are taking time to consider how to spend this money most effectively.  Some considerations are:   Sports week coaches to introduce pupils to a range of activities, resources for a whole school activity week, enrichment opportunities, funding for additional afterschool sports activities.




 Total: £17, 678




The Grange Sports Partnership provides:

  • Competitions – School Games levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Training opportunities for staff
  • High quality sports coaching
  • Curriculum support and developmental opportunities
  • Gifted and Talented and Inclusion opportunities
  • Network support 
  • Resources
  • Fundamental skills programme (delivered through Infant Agility & Y3/Y4 & Y5/6 Athletics Challenges)
  • Best practice
  • Links with National Governing Bodies 
  • OFSTED/Kitemark support


Part 2: Evaluation of Sports Premium 2016-17

 Self-evaluation evidence shows that:

Curriculum redevelopment:

  • All teaching staff feel that the implementation of REAL PE has been successful; training and resources given has aided this transition.
  • Both KS1 and KS2 staff strongly agree that the children’s skills have been improved as a result of the training provided from REAL PE; they have been given a strong starting point to build on.  

Developing links:

  • We have been  awarded Bronze standard award for our Sports provision from the Grange Partnership.
  • We have taken part in numerous sporting activities facilitated by the Grange Partnership, of which we are a member.
  • All teaching staff have taken advantage of the gymnastics coaching opportunities offered through the Grange Partnership.
  • Feedback from gymnastics coaching; all staff felt more confident in their teaching of gymnastics.  Staff felt they are able to progress a particular skill ensuring all groups of children are challenged. Staff felt they were given good practical ideas which would help support and develop their practice.
  • Further coaching opportunities have been given to our sports coach in other areas of the curriculum; kwik cricket.
  • Some Y5 and Y6 students have received leadership training to support and run Infant Agility across Y1 and Y2, followed by Y3 and Y4.

School based impact:

  • 41.4% of children have accessed at least one after-school sports club.
  • As a result of the continued sports premium we have been able to offer free after school sports clubs to all year groups. 

Sports Club:

Who the club was aimed at:

Number of attendees:

Bike and Scooter

Years 3/4/5/6



Years 3/4/5/6



Year 1/2



Years 5/6



Years 3/4



All years



Years 3/4/5/6



Years 3/4/5/6



Years 3/4/5/6



Years 3/4/5/6



  • Clubs run by the sports coach have been incredibly successful and consistently full. We hold waiting lists for children who have not obtained a place to ensure they are given an opportunity in the future.


Next Steps for 2017-18

Continue developing Real PE from September 2017 as part of our curriculum redevelopment. This will:

  • develop lifelong and universal, rather than game-specific, skills
  • allow children to share ownership and responsibility for their skill development
  • develop learning skills which can be transferred to learning in the classroom
  • develop a love of sport which is based on inclusive principles.

Create opportunities for more inter-school events with our partnership. This will:

  • develop understanding of teamwork (sharing success and disappointment)
  • increase pupil engagement with physical education outside of the usual setting
  • enable us to form new partnerships with community sports clubs