Pupil Premium

Background to the Pupil Premium

The Government introduced the Pupil Premium Grant in April 2011 as a way of addressing differences in performance between children eligible for free school meals (FSM), including looked after children, adopted children and those of armed forces personnel. The Pupil Premium is allocated to schools in addition to the main budget and schools must report on how it has been targeted to tackle disadvantage and ensure that it reaches the pupils who need it most. Schools are responsible for deciding how the Pupil Premium Grant will be spent as they are best placed to make such decisions based on their knowledge of the specific needs of pupils in their care. It is paid to schools according to the number of pupils who have been:

  •          registered as eligible for free school meals at any point in the last 6 years
  •          children of armed services personnel
  •          looked after child or previously a looked after child (enhanced pupil premium)
  •          has been adopted (enhanced Pupil Premium)

The Pupil Premium is funded at the following rate(s) in primary schools:

  •          Standard Pupil Premium = £1455
  •          Previously looked after children = £2530
  •          Service Children = £335


The Pupil Premium at Courtney Primary School

At Courtney Primary, we use the most effective ways to improve attainment of all of our children by:

  1.     creating a culture of belief in each child’s potential
  2.     providing access to quality first teaching
  3.     providing the children with  timely feedback – both verbal and written
  4.     removing as many barriers to learning as we can

We recognise that pupils qualifying for the Pupil Premium are statistically at greater risk of underachievement, but also recognise that they are a mixture of higher and lower attaining learners.  As a team of staff, we endeavour to support each child, personalising our approach to ensure: barriers are removed; aspirations set high; and therefore the best progress maintained as they move through the school.

We measure the progress of all pupils at the end of each term and consider each child’s performance during Pupil Progress Meetings. We will either adjust our teaching approach or put into place appropriate interventions for any pupils whose progress is a concern.



On top of all of this, we are committed to supporting our families. We are aware of the support needed and have therefore set up provisions for a Family Support Worker, good-value Wrap Around Care and the services of an experienced Welfare Officer to improve attendance.


Accountability and the Pupil Premium

Our leadership team and governors ensure that the Pupil Premium is targeted and results in Courtney narrowing any attainment gaps. We have an appointed Pupil Premium Champion and a nominated Lead Governor. Pupil Premium is on the agenda for each book look, pupil progress meeting and lesson observation. It is a standing item on every Governing Body meeting agenda (6 times a year).

Adjustments to our spending plan may be after the mid-year review, for example, if any of the actions was having little or no impact.  A new spending plan is written annually when the funding has been finalised.

Apply for Free School Meals

To  access  the  additional  support  Pupil  Premium  funding  will  give  your  child,  please  follow  the  link  Free‐school‐meals to the South Gloucestershire Local  Authority Website to sign up for Free School Meals.  Alternatively, the staff in the office will be able to help you.