School Hours / Term Dates

School start and finish times are as follows:

Arrive: 08:30 – 08:45am to start at 08:50am

Finish time: 3:15pm



Term Dates

Term 1: Thursday 1st September 2023 to Friday 20th October 2023

Term 2: Monday 30th October 2023 to Friday 15th December 2023

Term 3: Tuesday 2nd  January 2024 to Friday 9th February 2024

Term 4: Monday 19th February 2024 to Thursday 28th March 2024

Term 5: Monday 15th April 2024 to Friday 24th May 2024

Term 6: Monday 3rd June 2024 to Tuesday 23rd July 2024



In-set Dates

Friday 1st September

Friday 20th October

Monday 30th October

Tuesday 2nd January

Thursday 28th March



 PDF version available below.