School Uniform
All uniform can now be bought from one supplier, Monkhouse.

Their website is www.monkhouse.com, and their email is web@monkhouse.com

The nearest branch is in Stoke Gifford:

Unit 1, Simmonds View

Stoke Gifford


BS34 8HR


What a child wears to school reflects his/her attitude to learning. It portrays the school’s ethos and share positive values. We have a very simple uniform that the pupils are encouraged to wear.

Yellow polo shirt                                 
Royal blue fleece/sweatshirt/ cardigan
Black/Grey trousers or skirt
Grey/white socks                    
Sensible black school shoes (Not sports shoes or trainers)
Sensible sandals (during summer -no flip flops, crocs or strappy sandals)
Blue and white or yellow and white dress (during summer)
For Reception and Y1 a spare pair of wellies      

The school also makes provision for parents to purchase “nearly new” school uniform.

Brightly coloured clothes, which are more appropriate in a leisure setting, are discouraged.  The children are encouraged to appreciate the difference between clothes appropriate for school and those for leisure.  Clothes which reflect trends in fashion are not acceptable, including high heeled shoes.

The same is true for hair styles. We expect children to have an appropriate hair style for school. We do not accept mohican style hair cuts, shaved heads or tattoo markings in children’s hair, as this is not appropriate within a school setting.

It is also useful to have a painting shirt in school. This can simply be made from a man’s old shirt, with some elastic sewn around the sleeves. It is useful to have a hanging loop in this as well.


PE and Games Kit

It is important for pupils to wear correct clothing for physical activities.
Children will require:

•White t-shirt, black shorts, daps or trainers
•Tracksuits or sweatshirts can be worn for winter months.
This should be kept in a large, named bag on your child’s peg. A dap bag with the school logo on can be purchased from school. This should be taken home from school and washed on a regular basis.

Children in Key Stage 2 will also require a swimming kit, comprising of:

•costume (no bikinis) for girls
•swimming trunks (no shorts) for boys
•a towel and a brush for hair
For Health and Safety reasons jewellery must not be worn for sporting activities and long hair should be tied back.  If earrings have to be left in (e.g. the child’s ears have been recently pierced or the child is unable to take them out themselves) then earrings are taped over.



The only items that are considered appropriate for school are watches, and studs worn in pierced ears. The school does not approve of either jewellery or cosmetics. Please note that staff are not allowed to remove or look after jewellery for children. The safest place is at home.


Lost Property

Every term, a large number of items of clothing accumulates as 'lost property'.  Endeavours to find the owners of these are made but it is often difficult to identify items that are not labelled.  We advise parents most strongly to ensure that all items that your child wears or brings to school are clearly labelled with his/her name.

If your child has lost something then please check their classroom first, then check in the lost property box