School Vision

Mission Statement


Nurture, Inspire, Flourish.


Vision Statement

At Courtney, staff, governors and parents work together to ensure children receive a rich, inspiring and engaging education in a safe and nurturing environment. By providing each child with opportunities to flourish, we develop an aspiration to expect high standards of achievement in all areas of life and start them on their personal journey of lifelong learning.



We are committed to developing a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment that will enable our pupils to become responsible citizens and lifelong learners.  We celebrate that our pupils bring different experiences, interests and strengths, which we will use to influence the way we teach. Our commitment to creating a nurturing ethos supports all individuals in their journey to achieve their full and unique potential. 




We know that children learn best when they enjoy school and are feeling safe and happy. We will:

  • promote well-being and the development of the whole child.
  • develop the skills needed for strong, healthy and supportive relationships to thrive.
  • champion and encourage mutual respect and tolerance.
  • develop growth mindsets to encourage resilience and perseverance.
  • encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyle choices.
  • develop a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.
  • celebrate individuality and personal successes.
  • allow each child's voice to be heard.



We will:

  • create a culture of ambition and aspiration.
  • develop positive attitudes to learning based on hard work and commitment.
  • develop creative, innovative and adaptable minds.
  • inspire each child to be their best self.
  • provide experiences to develop creativity and imagination.
  • provide the highest quality teaching and learning.
  • offer activities which allow children to discover new passions.
  • provide a range of ‘stages’ to showcase and develop skills and talents.
  • participate in events which involve meeting with children from other schools.



The children will:

  • achieve their academic potential.
  • have the skills needed to be life-long learners in a changing world.
  • understand the positive role they can play within the wider community.
  • be rounded individuals and confident to be themselves.
  • have empathy and self-awareness.
  • be able to use their skills in a range of different situations.